"Of Dave's many strengths, perhaps the one I appreciate most is his clarity:  using his years of experience to cut through the clutter and define a business challenge in simple and powerful terms. The icing on the cake is that he's a dream to work with and follows through, building trust every step of the way and delivering data-driven and practical solutions."

David Blumenstein, CEO, The Segal Group

“Dave’s sharp intellect and broad business acumen allowed him to grasp quickly the nuances of our business and offer a fresh take on charting the best strategic path forward. His combination of clear thinking, data driven analysis and personable style allowed him to integrate rapidly inside our management team. His efficient and dependable work habits have been a tremendous resource for us. I would highly recommend him to any organization that is looking for a thought partner to help drive toward a fresh strategic perspective.”

Paul Bouchard, CEO, Top Aces

"Dave and I have worked together for 16 years in a variety of roles and with a number of different companies and management teams. Dave has worked not only as a strategic consultant, but also helping with M&A, due diligence and operational prioritization. Dave is particularly strong in working with teams to strategically evaluate their position through a realistic assessment of their internal capabilities overlaid on top of industry dynamics and competitive realities. As that position is better understood, he has created value for the shareholders and management teams by making the difficult decisions of what to do, what not to do and what to change internally to capitalize on the potential opportunity. Equally important is his ability to deal with delicate situations where relations have been strained, or trust compromised; through his work he has been able to rebuild trust through having all constituents focus on the agreed upon objective and the best way to get there. He continues to be a valuable resource to our ongoing business."

Ken Rotman, CEO, Clairvest Group Inc.

"From the front line to the board room Dave brings to the organization a unique combination of experience from private equity, the corporate “ C-suite”  and consulting. He is a quick study and this, combined with his agile intellect, personal style of engagement and business acumen, produces quick forward thinking results in setting strategy, creating growth, solidifying customer relations, and executing performance. A thought partner who makes a difference."

Alan Torrie, retired CEO, Morneau Shepell Ltd.